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  1. They look great! Would you mind sharing the print details? You mentioned 15% infill, how about the rest of the settings? Nozzle size and layer height? How many shells? How many top & bottom layers?

    Also, how did you attach them to the wall? Did you build in some sort of nail recess into the backs?

    • Actually we ended up tuning it down to 6% infill even.
      I’ve updated the article with some more print settings, here’s the new text:

      We used the following basic settings for printing the letters: 0,16mm layerheight; 2 perimeters with the 0,50mm nozzle; 5 top- and 4 bottom layers and only 6% infill.
      In order to stick the letters to the wall we used a few cm of double-sided tape spread around each letter.

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