5 Years colorFabb: Contest

In February 2018 colorFabb celebrates its 5th anniversary and we’re having a small contest. You can win a value pack with 16 colorFabb spools of choice by simply sharing your favorite print you made in the past 5 years with colorFabb filaments!

You can share your print(s) on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #5yearscolorfabb. Also mention the colorFabb filament used. At the end of the month we will choose one post and that person will get a value pack of colorFabb filaments of his or her choice. That is 16 spools!

So, that’s quite an easy way to participate. Please tag us and use that particular hashtag (#5yearscolorfabb) to participate so we can track all entries.

Our official social media channels are:

To see all entries so far, check the links below:

  • Entries on Twitter, click here.
  • Entries on Facebook, click here.
  • Entries on Instagram, click here.


And don’t forget, this month every 5th spool of filament is free in our webshop! Check out the details here.


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