3d printed pennyboard

If a 3D printed pennyboard is strong enough for a person to stand on, why not print the trucks and wheels as well?

So that’s what we did. We used the beautiful Pennyboard designed by Andrew Askedall as the base and designed trucks and wheels based on pictures found on the internet. Not a single person in our colorFabb organization knows anything about skateboarding or designing skateboard parts, but we think it turned out well enough to share with you.


The board was printed on a Delta Tower with colorFabb_XT. The model was placed at a slight angle instead of straight up to increase the layer cross section and improve strength. We used a 0.8mm nozzle for best toughness possible. The trucks have been printed with colorFabb_HT using the Mass Portal. The parts turned out very tough and have not yet been replaced, because we used 80% infill and 3 perimeters in combination with a 0.6mm nozzle.

All the nGen-FLEX parts have been printed on the Mass Portal, using a buildTak sheet.


With nGen_FLEX you can make a lot more then just skateboard wheels, by varying infill and perimeter settings you can determine if a print needs to be stiff or flexible. We used this trick on the 3D printed bushing to get he right stiffness in the truck assemblies.

Want to make your own 3D printed pennyboard? Get the files:

  1. Z-18 Penny Skateboard
  2. Trucks for Z-18 Penny Skateboard

Other things you’ll need:

  • 8x 608 bearings for the wheels
  • 2x M8 threaded rod for the axle
  • 8x M5 bolt for mounting the trucks (holes might not align perfectly with board so drilled these out)
  • 8x M5 nut for mounting the trucks
  • 4x M8 lock nut for mounting the wheels
  • 2x M5 for mounting the two pieces of a single truck together

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