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  1. Out of pure curiosity, what did you use to print the handle bars?

  2. Hi, i’m exited about printing the system but before i start can you tell me how many roll i have to order to print it.

    For the bottom bracket is it press in or glue in.

    Thank you in advance

    • We have used one spool XT-CF20 for each: The head tube sleeve, the seat tube sleeve and the bottom bracket sleeve. You should be able to print the rest with the remaining filament but we recommend an extra spool in case a print goes wrong so 4 spools in total.

  3. Hi Stephan!

    I’m going to print your great bike design. I plan to change aluminum tubes to carbon ones and I have a few questions about what isn’t quite clear for me.
    – what are exactly lengths of each tube? Since carbon is a little expensive I’d prefer to order just enough.
    – it is said bottom bracket housing is 43x73mm. Is it size of a hole in printed element or any standard in bottom brackets? Or as in case of head tube – is it size of a tube inserted in printed part and then bottom bracket in it?

    Thanks for shearing this challenging design and I look forward your reply.


    P.S. What’s the weigh of whole bike?

    • Hi Bart,

      Stephan is currently on holiday, but we can help you with some of the questions:

      The bottom bracket is a 73mm BSA inside a bottom bracket housing. You can use any crank set that fits to your bottom bracket.
      As for the length of the tubes, this can be found on most of the websites that it has been posted on:
      Head tube: D=36 d=34 L=180
      Seat tube: D=28.6 d=27 L=651
      Top tube: D=31.8 d=30.2 L=527
      Down tube: D=35 d=33,4 L=627
      Seat stays: D=16 d=14.4 L=581
      Chain stays: D=19 d=17.4 L=365

      Best regards,

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