How to print with corkFill

This is the brand new corkFill based on colorFabb PLA/PHA. If you liked the original woodFill and its successor bamboofill, this one should complement your filament portfolio really well. To help [...]

3D Printed Bike

  Summer has come to the Netherlands and we all love to ride a bike here. Read more about the 3D printed bike here!

XT-CF20 bike project release

Hey you 3D printing enthusiasts! So this is what’s possible with everyday’s 3D printers and a suitable filament: the XT-CF20 bike I’ve been working on this 3D printed bike [...]

XT-CF20 update

Ladies and gentlemen, the waiting is over! I proudly present the first bike that I am going to build here: The concept is that you have printed connection parts that can be customized via the [...]