Hovalin violin

The Hovalin violin entirely 3D printed with #corkFill on the Ultimaker 2 & XT-CF20 on the Stacker S4 printer.


Project site: http://www.hovalin.com/


For more information on the Stacker S4 printer: http://stacker.colorfabb.com/

From prototyping to production, the S4 has your back. Fast 4x print speeds? Huge build volume. Industrial components. Custom 32bit electronics. Hi-Temp hot ends. Precision linear rails. 1 Year Warranty. All colorFabb filaments work very well with the Stacker S4.


Physical dimensions: 726x800x1029mm

Print size: 355x525x655mm

Sales EU: sales@colorfabb.com

Sales US: www.stacker3d.com