Mirror holder

Sometimes you need a practical item for in and around the house. Like when you need a holder to hold the mirror. Luckily there is 3D printing. With a custom design we printed two mirror holders with XT-CF20.


We introducted XT-CF20 early 2015, containing 20% carbon fibres with colorFabb_XT.

Due to the abrasive nature of XT-CF20 we always used hardened steel nozzles to print this filament. In recent weeks, however, we have been extensively testing with the Olsson Ruby nozzle, provided to us by 3DVerkstan, our distributor in the Nordic region and producer of these new nozzles. You can find the Death Gun mask here and Robot Action figure here for examples printed with this new nozzle that will be released later in November. For further information, you can contact 3DVerkstan.


During our test printing the mirror holders we have seen quite some benefits over the regular brass nozzles that are the current industry standard: The ruby nozzle retains the excellent heat conducting properties of brass, while being extremely resistant to wear. This means that you can print your standard materials as usual, but also very abrasive materials such as XT-CF20 and steelFill.


As you can see we have had fantastic results with this new nozzle which, combined with the stiffness of the material, offer great functionality in everyday use. We printed the mirror holders on an Ultimaker 2 at 0.2mm layer height.

XT-CF20 is available now in our webshop (and take advantage of the colorfabb4you discount code to celebrate our fourth anniversary!)

Robot Action Figure

Robot Action Figure steelFill

For a little while we’ve been testing The Olsson Ruby, a truly very special nozzle. With a real gemstone at the tip of the nozzle this is one of the most abrasion resistant nozzles made. As expected it fits right into the Olsson heater block which makes it easy to swap between other nozzles.

The olsson ruby

We’ve been running two of our abrasive filaments XT-CF20 and steelFill to see what these nozzles are made of. The temperatures we’ve used during printing have been very similar to regular brass nozzles, so it seems no big temperature difference are expected using The Olsson Ruby.

In this case we printed the Robot Action Figure designed by le Fab Shop for the 2014 Paris Maker Faire. Print quality looks great with nice details and good layer adhesion.

We’ll be printing a lot more with The Olsson Ruby in the next few weeks to really put it through its paces. If you’re interested in more information on The Olsson Ruby project visit the 3D printing forum.