Laser Marking PLA

In our effort to bring you the most innovative materials, we release a brand new 3D printing filament today: Laser Marking PLA.

Laser Marking PLA contains a laser-sensitive additive optimized to work within a 980-1064 nm wavelength. The material has been tested successfully with a Nd:YAG- and fiber lasers. Laser marking PLA will not work with CO2 lasers. A proper laser is required to use this filament.

Laser Marking PLA is available now and ships from stock! (Click here!)

Our latest filament innovation makes laser markings more stunning than ever! One great application can be to create mementos and souvenirs, or give your 3D print an extra touch with a very special message:

Another great application is to create bar codes and QR codes, as well as other unique product information on items that were produced in a limited series. It gives your products a more professional and distinguished look:


The material features all the benefits you already know from a regular PLA material. Ease of printing on many platforms, no warping when printing large parts and very good fine detail 3D printing. Laser Marking PLA is our first step into laser marking materials for FDM printers and are interested to know what our community needs are with regards to these materials.

Laser Marking PLA is available in a light grey color to start with, close to RAL 9018 but not an exact match.

(An actual representation of laser marking)

Our unique filament has various advantageous over conventional marking technologies:

  • Markings are permanent, waterproof, wear and heat resistant, lightfast and resistant to chemicals,
  • Flexibility in marking designs,
  • No pre or post-treatment required.

Laser Marking PLA is available now as 750 grams spools and part of our colorFabb Labs program where we release new innovative filaments that meet very specific needs. Click here to go directly to our webshop.


(Not an actual representation of laser marking)