“These shoes are made for printing, and that’s just what we do…”

Or something similar. Anyhow, we ran into the fine people of MassPortal recently at the Formnext a couple of weeks ago and they showed us a design of a slipper that impressed us. We immediately found the design a perfect match for our nGen_FLEX filament!


Custom designed by the MassPortal team, this print is fully functional! We used our nGen_FLEX and of course printed it on the MassPortal Pharaoh ED printer. The file will be posted soon by MassPortal.

We used the following settings:

  • 0.2mm layerheight
  • 35 mm/s (for overhangs)
  • 240C
  • 100% cooling (for overhangs)
  • 80C Bed + buildTak

The slipper size we printed is 19.1cm / 7.5inch, which is similar to the following shoe sizes:

US Size = 13
EURO Size = 31
UK Size = 12


Our brand new semi flexible nGen_FLEX was launched a little over two months ago during the TCT Show. With a Shore A hardness of 95 and the high glass temperature of 120+ degrees C this is a truly functional 3D printing filament.

nGen_FLEX is our first foray in flexible filaments. We aimed for a more functional, semi-flexible filament. The first reactions after launching were unanimously positive and we have seen fantastic prints with nGen_FLEX in the wild ever since.

nGen_FLEX is a new elastomer material added to our existing range of co-polyester functional 3D printing filaments. It is made from Eastman Amphora™ Flex 3D Polymer FL6000 and the fourth filament in our range of Amphora based co-polyester, following colorFabb_XT, nGen and colorFabb_HT.

nGen_FLEX is available in our webshop: Click here. You can also obtain our filaments through our network of distributors and resellers. Click here for the one nearest to you.


nGen_FLEX is best described as a semi-flexible material with good printability on most 3D printers eliminating the use for specialized flex extruders. By adjusting infill and perimeter settings it’s possible to influence how flexible a part should feel after printing. You can find more information on our dedicated nGen_FLEX landing page.

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