Our new website

It was about time colorFabb got a make over. We are proud to launch our new website today! The new website and catalogue, that has been released today as well, mark the next step for colorFabb.

You immediately peek inside our factory when you get to our page

We started colorFabb back in 2013 with a fairly simple webshop:

Back in the day…

Over a year later we re-designed the webshop to a more professional look. This is the website, basically, that you know and love:


But as colorFabb grew we felt the website could do with a make over to truly represent our company and the brand. We are very happy with the result! What strikes immediately is that we made the website more visual. On the landing page you immediately see the three focal points of colorFabb: Filaments, Printers & Services.

It is colorFabb’s vision and strategy to be a provider of complete 3D printing solutions: both in-house developed filament, as well as carefully selected hardware partners added with all our experience creates a unique synergy.

The landing page is not the landing page of the webshop anymore. Fear not! You can still order your favorite filaments with us, but due to our expanding portfolio (with more to come soon!) we needed to approach it a bit differently.

To go to the webshop, go to Materials on the top right corner of the website and a menu expands where you see everything:

From there the ordering process is the same as it ever was.

We also redesigned the product pages. What you notice immediately is that the primary image is a close up of the filament and not of the spool. We did this for a reason: this shows the actual color much better than when a full spool is shown with a white background:

As you can see, the spool picture did not disappear, but we moved it a bit. Ordering is as straight forward as ever from here.

With the launch of the new website we also add a new product: the Robo R2 is available as from today and ships from stock!

We recently announced our partnership with Robo and are happy to celebrate our new website with the availability of this printer. The Robo R2 high-performance smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi lets you tackle large-scale projects and make whatever you can imagine right from your mobile device using the Robo app. Below are some of the features:

  • Built for serious printing
  • Sizable 20 x 20 x 25cm print size
  • 12.7cm built-in color touch screen
  • On-board camera for remote print monitoring
  • Class-leading print speed
  • Removable, heated and automatic self-leveling print bed
  • Ability to add an additional extrusion head and print two materials at once

The Robo R2 ships with a free spool of nGen – our all-round 3D printing filament made with Eastman Amphora AM3300. You can see the Robo R2 printing at the colorFabb stand H39 at the TCT Show on September 26 – 28!

The smaller Robo C2 will be available soon.

Speaking of printers, as with the Robo printers we also sell Lulzbot and Stacker printers. All relevant information regarding these printers are featured on the product pages! Check out the available printers!


Our brand new catalogue

Together with our website we are also releasing our brand new catalogue! All our products are represented in our first real catalogue. You can flip through it in your browser or download it as a PDF. In the catalogue you can click on an item in the catalogue and go straight to the webshop!

In the catalogue you can see that we presented the products per article group, the colors clearly visible, a short introduction, specifications and our printing tips and tricks.


Both the website and the catalogue have been designed to be expanded and they will. We will add more information, features and products in the weeks and months to come. Keep your eyes open for more!