Death Gun (Desu Gan) masks with XT-CF20

It was time for a comparison print. With Halloween coming up we chose the Death Gun (Desu Gan) mask from ferreusveritas. The material we used is our XT-CF20, colorFabb_XT with 20% carbon fibre added.

The big mask was printed on the Ultimaker 2 and the small mask on the Hephestos 2. Both masks were printed on a 0.1mm layer height. We roughened up the small mask with sandpaper afterwards.


Original design:

Originally released early 2015, XT-CF20 has been a hit since day one. We have found a lot of practical uses for this stiff material, like printing parts for a bike, an RC Truggy car and even parts of our recently released F1 scale model. However, one feature that has been commented on before is the beautiful matte finish that XT-CF20 brings. In short, XT-CF20 is a functional material with stunning looks.

XT-CF20 is an abrasive material wearing out a brass nozzle quite fast. For the print made with the Ultimaker 2 we used the new Olsson Ruby nozzle, generously provided by 3DVerkstan, our distributor in the Nordic region and manufacturer of the nozzle. In the words of Daniel Ljungstig, CEO of 3DVerkstan: “After more then 10 months of testing, we are happy to target a November release of this exciting upgrade for desktop 3D Printing. The Olsson Ruby is a high-tech nozzle with a carefully designed ruby tip, which makes it have unique properties. The ruby nozzle is designed by Anders Olsson, inventor of the popular Olsson Block that is also part of the Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers. He designed it to be able to print extremely hard materials for scientific research at Uppsala University in Sweden.”


During our test printing the mask we have seen quite some benefits over the regular brass nozzles that are the current industry standard: The ruby nozzle retains the excellent heat conducting properties of brass, while being extremely resistant to wear. This means that you can print your standard materials as usual, but also very abrasive materials such as XT-CF20 and steelFill. Daniel Ljungstig adds: “In addition to this, many of our test users have reported an improved surface quality compared to standard nozzles.”


The Olsson Ruby will be available in November 2016.

The small mask was printed on the Hephestos 2 with the regular brass nozzle provided with the printer.

colorFabb’s XT-CF20 is available in both 750 grams and 2.2kg spools. Click here to see the availabilty.