“… I won’t say a hero, ’cause, what’s a hero?”

Heroes are big right now. Super heroes mostly. Marvel, DC, Star Wars… Our screens are filled with them and looking at the social media feeds we see them coming by regularly. So we printed our own heroes. Not for the first time and  not for the last time. And we like to print BIG! So we printed all these busts on various Stacker 3D Printers with our signature PLA Economy filaments.

PLA Economy is a great all-round high quality 3D printing filament, available from stock. Only available on large spools it is perfectly suited for the maker making large, long or a lot of prints and in need of reliability and quality.

Meet the heroes

We’ll start with the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool himself:

Printed with PLA Economy Red, 32 cm high

And yes, we have printed Mr Pool before… This 32cm print, designed by David Östman, is nothing to scoff at, but the smallest of the prints we made for this occasion.

Next up: Everybody’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man was printed with PLA Economy Red as well on the Stacker S4 and it measures almost 46cm:

Spidey was also designed by David Östman, known under his online moniker Eastman (not to be confused with the chemical company). You should definitely check out his collection of amazing designs on MyMiniFactory and give it a try yourselves. The large Jon Snow bust we printed a few months ago was also designed by him.


Finally we have the most recent hero: beloved bounty hunter and Baby Yoda’s surrogate dad The Mandalorian:

It took 120 hours and a whopping 3.5kg of PLA Economy Black filament to print this 49cm high statue. This print was designed by Rober Rollin, who – like David Östman – has a terrific collection of super hero, game and Star Wars related designs on MyMiniFactory.


Design credits

The amazing designs of these heroes were made by:


About PLA Economy

PLA Economy is available on 2.2kg, 4.5kg and 8kg spools only. It is very well suited for the maker who needs quality filament at an affordable price. It is a perfect material for large volume and small series production, made with the guaranteed colorFabb quality that we are known for.

PLA Economy is now available in six of the most popular colors. ColorFabb PLA Economy is not a standard PLA. It has been modified for better layer adhesion and flow properties to get better performance over other basic PLA filaments. Because it’s made with the same processing technology used for other premium colorFabb products, this PLA Economy will be just as reliable.

Not sure if our big spools fit on your printer? Check out the dimensions here or print XL your own spool holder!