Longboard Wheels

In recent months we have added quite a few new materials in our webshop. To showcase two of them we have combined them into one functional print. We used Iroprint F80213 by Huntsman and our brand new Tough PLA to print longboard wheels.

The Street Wheels for Longboard were designed by Zenjota (link)

The two components are printed seperately and assembled after printing:


Iroprint F80213 features good abrasive resistance amongst other key features. In this case the tire feels grippy and offers dampening due to the infill and shore A85. It is a polyether-based Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) with shore A85. Key features, aside from the abrasive resistance, are high elasticity, cut and scratch resistance and good low temperature performance. Being polyether-based, it offers a good hydrolysis resistance. Developed by chemical specialist Huntsman, Iroprint F80213 stands out in our range for delivering prints with a mat finish, resulting in a high-quality touch and feel of the final object.

Iroprint F80213 by Huntsman is one of the materials which settings can easily be accessed in the Ultimaker Market Place in Cura.

The inner rim is printed with colorFabb Tough PLA. We decided for a 100% infill to achieve maximum stiffness with this material and at the same time toughness. The part was printed at 230c and 0.2mm layerheight.

Our Tough PLA is a custom blend which retains the ease of use of PLA but adds serious toughness to the material. As a result the material is a lot less brittle than regular PLA filaments and has a higher impact strength.

The recommended printing temperatures are 210C-230C and 50-60C heated bed temperature. The print speed can be set to 40-50 mm/s. For better overhang performance we recommend using slower outer perimeter speed, 20-30 mm/s.

We release Tough PLA in two colors: black and white, which are available now and ship from stock.