Fidget spinner

As anyone know who has a working internet connection, fidget spinners are all the rage right now. We have seen quite a few popping up on social media in the past few weeks. We could not stay behind and printed one ourselves:

We based our print on the fidget spinner design by gyroscope07 (original file here), but removed the holes on the ends. Why? Normally one can put extra bearings there to add weight. But we have used our copperFill filament at 100% infill to add extra weight to this print. How much weight? This print weighs a respectable 45 grams, which you can really feel when spinning the fidget!

Our metal filled filaments, copperFill among them, weigh up to 4 times as much as regular plastic filaments.

Our metal filled filaments are an excellent choice for fidget spinners. One wonders, Why buy one when you can print a superior one?

The cap is the Comfy Fidget Spinner Cap by iDevel3D and it was printed with woodFill with 20% infill. The combined printing time for these parts was 2.5 hours.

For this print we used the Lulzbot TAZ 6 which has an excellent reputation with our special filaments, like copperFill and woodFill. The ease of use and quality make it one of the go-to printers in our printlab. The print was made with a 0.12mm layer height. For post-processing we did some manual sanding and used Brasso as a final touch.

copperFill was launched in the fall of 2014 and it was our second metal filled filament, after bronzeFill. The red shine that comes from the copper after post-processing has made it a fan favorite ever since. As with our other metal filled filaments, the aesthetics and weight are the key factors for choosing this filament and these characteristics make it a perfect filament for fidget spinners, for instance.

There are several five star reviews for copperFill on our website:

Learn more on how to print with copperFill with our handy tutorial. You can learn more about post-processing our metal filled filaments by visiting our blog or FAQ page on this topic.

copperFill is available and on sale right now (an extra discount, because we’re that nice!) in our webshop. And if you are looking for a great printer, why not consider the Lulzbot TAZ 6? We have it here in stock and offer free shipping + 4 free spools of filament!


But we’re not done printing and spinning yet… We have another one coming up, printing right now. Here’s a sneak peek: