Drone Deliveries!

The future is finally here! We are excited to announce that as from this week we will offer drone deliveries in most of Western Europe for orders placed in our webshop! Together with DHL and Universal Exports we have started a joint venture called Drones Unlimited Holland to bring your filaments right to your doorstep on a date and time you want it!

We have been secretly working on this project for over a year now (code name “Icarus”) and are happy to finally announce this next step in customer oriented delivery! Customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, France and Denmark can opt for drone deliveries – with southern Europe, the US and Canada following within a few months!

Although a bit costlier, the drones will bring up to 8 spools to your chosen address within hours after ordering your filament.

Last week’s final test flight

For the countries that apply there is a new shipping option which you can choose:

Pricing is based on distance and requested delivery time. Since the drones will be charged every night in our solar powered plant, the carbon foot print will be reduced even further! You can find more information here.

Of course all drones will be mostly 3D printed with PA-CF Low Warp, XT-CF20 and nGen_FLEX. Our fleet will consist twenty drones of different sizes to start with.


Part of a drone being printed

One of our drones, specifically designed to send samples:

Note the impact resistant nGen_FLEX canopy

Excited? So are we! Click here to find out more about this exciting new delivery option, pricing and availability.

Fully Autonomous Delivery Drone By DHL

One of the DHL branded drones which will fly our filaments to your door



Also, because it is Easter you get a 15% discount on all spools of filaments. Use coupon code EASTEREGG or click the image below: