At colorFabb we not only produce our own high quality colorFabb-branded filaments, but also work closely with various customers to create bespoke filaments for their specific application. Gantri is the world’s first digital manufacturer for designer lighting and were looking for a manufacturer to develop a filament to suit their needs. With the creation of Gantri Plant Polymers, colorFabb has co-developed a sustainable material to print their lights with.

Designer light, printed by Gantri. All images by Gantri

Already being featured on websites like CNET and Additive Manufacturing, Gantri has been expanding their San Francisco-based company in a serious way!

“Gantri Plant Polymers is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” says Gantri founder and CEO, Ian Yang. “Our goal is to create great designs that you can feel good about. With our sustainable means of manufacturing, you can enjoy your new light knowing that it’s a better choice for the world.”

Gantri Plant Polymer, fresh of the spool

Says Ruud Rouleaux, founder and CEO of colorFabb: “Gantri’s need for a bespoke 3D printing filament fits perfect with colorFabb’s philosophy to develop materials for specific
applications, like the high quality lighting products Gantri produces. Innovation is in colorFabb’s DNA and what we are known for. By utilizing our 3D printing experience, material knowledge and a sustainable way of manufacturing, with 480 solar panel array and geo-thermal installation powering our production plant, we are able to produce the exact right material Gantri needs.”

Gantri Plant Polymer in production at colorFabb


The materials consist of two custom compounded PLA blends that are created to be durable, heat tolerant and diffuse light evenly. First is the diffusive blend that offers a frosted glass-like effect when lit. Second, the opaque blend — finished with a premium water-based paint, is 50% more temperature resistant than traditional PLAs and safe to use near electronics. Gantri Plant Polymers also offer similar tensile strengths to common plastics such as ABS and PET. The base of Gantri’s materials are raw polylactic acids derived from non-GMO, sustainably farmed sugar crops such as corn, sugar beets and sugar cane. The resulting compounded blends produce 75% less carbon dioxide per kilogram than conventional plastics and emits no carcinogens during production.

Gantri Plant Polymers are used exclusively in Gantri lighting products.


About Gantri

Gantri’s mission is to empower design. Why are good designer lights so expensive? asks Gantri. Because traditional manufacturing makes it too difficult and costly for designers to bring groundbreaking ideas to market. This stymies human creativity and contributes to environmental concerns such as overproduction and shipping pollution. Gantri has completely reimagined the way lighting is developed, made and sold, empowering the world’s best designers to create design-forward, functional pieces for your life. Their manufacturing technologies are drastically more efficient, making good designers lights radically more attainable and sustainable.

Read more on Gantri’s website.


Custom materials at colorFabb

At colorFabb we meet the needs of our customers. Some applications require custom solutions and e like to think beyond what is already on the market and co-develop with you, like we did with Gantri.

One of the ways you can distinguish your print is with color. Color on Demand is our unique service where we produce PLA filaments in your preferred color. With nearly 200 RAL colors matched we probably have that color you are looking for! And if not, we can match your specific color for you.

Color on Demand is just the most visible part of our custom material offering. We produce specific materials and filaments for various customers like Gantri. Interested in your bespoke filament solution? Contact us!

Custom Filaments

As a specialist in quality 3D printing filaments we see the need for more diverse filaments every day. Of course we have our expanding portfolio of readily available materials (like PLA, co-polyesters and Specials), as well as our Color on Demand service. With our recently launched colorFabb Labs we offer even more special filaments, often suitable for specific applications. Besides these colorFabb branded filaments, we also develop and produce custom filaments specifically tailored to meet our customers’ needs.




These days custom filaments is one of our strengths and core competences at colorFabb.

FFF 3D printing is slowly maturing and companies are actively looking for material solutions for their applications.

A perfect example of custom material development is our effort with Witcom Engineering Plastics. With Witcom we developed a filament with similar Radar Absorbing properties as the granulate material used for injection molding.




Witcom Engineering Plastics, located at Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, specialises in the development and manufacture of technically high performing polymer compounds for automotive, transportation, aviation, electrical / electronics, industrial, medical and consumer product applications.

PLA-3DRAM allows OEMs not only to test form and fit, but also the actual radar absorbing performance of their physical design. Often radar units are mounted in brackets which need to be designed in such a way that the radar units have the least amount of ghosting. This is application is being used in, for instance, the automotive industry.

This material is exclusively made for Witcom Engineering Plastics and not available at colorFabb. Interested in this specific material, please contact Witcom Engineering Plastics.


For businesses we offer the chance to have a custom filament being developed, either as a co-branded or a private label filament. Interested? Contact us here or email directly to so we can discuss the possibilities with you.


PLA-3DRAM 3D print service

Only interested in printed PLA-3DRAM parts? Get in touch with our 3D print engineers and we’re happy to discuss the possibilities with you. On our Stacker 3D printing systems we’re able to achieve high quality parts at lighting speed by 3D printing with 4 printheads at the same time:


About us

In our 3D Printing Application Center just south of Venlo, The Netherlands, our team of specialists are ready to answer your questions and meet your needs. colorFabb offers a unique combination of in-depth polymer knowledge in combination with 3D printing know-how for end users and businesses alike. This knowledge, combined with almost seven years of experience in the 3D printing market, ensures we can offer solutions for a wide range of applications and meet your needs.