Introducing Job Windhorst, our new COO

As from this week the colorFabb team is reinforced with Job Windhorst, our new COO. The growth of colorFabb and the 3D printing landscape in general has been tumultuous and very, very exciting.

Job Windhorst, our new COO with added CFO responsibilities. LinkedIn

At colorFabb we have not been sitting still and the organisation grew from an idea in CEO Ruud Rouleaux’ mind with a few dedicated, but part-time, employees to a middle sized company with over 20 employees in four rollercoaster years. You can see the development of colorFabb on our timeline. No growth comes without its specific set of challenges and we are not done growing yet.

It is Job’s focus to manage this growth in a sustainable way and make sure the growth scenarios that colorFabb has envisioned can be realized. His COO job will have added CFO responsibilities as well.

Job Windhorst’s background is in finance, management and HR and his experience in this field makes him a perfect fit within colorFabb’s current team.

Says Job Windhorst: “It’s a fantastic challenge for the Colorfabb team and myself to make the next step and grow up to a fullservice organisation within the dynamic market where we operate.”

Ruud Rouleaux, CEO and founder of colorFabb adds: “With the addition of Job to the colorFabb team, the road has been cleared to start new business development and allocate the necessary time for several high profile market opportunities in terms of materials, 3D Printers and engineering services.”

In a demanding market that is always on the move, the organisation needs to be flexible and at colorFabb we know we have found the right person in Job Windhorst to manage the growth while maintaining the can-do attitude we have had from the very beginning.

We wish Job good luck in his new job!