SNES Cart Holder

Where new tech meets not so old tech. One of our colleagues to his Prusa MK3 to good use and printed a holder designed by Ken Walton for his beloved Super Nintendo Carts:


Printed on the Prusa MK3 with standard PLA settings. He used PLA Semi Matte Black for this print.

When developing our PLA Semi Matte Black we’ve been looking for a solution which doesn’t involve fibers to achieve a less glossy surface finish. We did not want to loose the ease of use our PLA and keep print settings and parameters as close to regular PLA setttings. For a full matte finish our XT-CF20 and PA_CF Low Warp do the trick, but they need a hardened steel nozzle to print with. The brand new PLA Semi-Matte Black, released earlier this year, will bring a new aesthetic quality to our range of PLA filaments.

If you’re looking to upgrade your 3D printed projects to the next level, our PLA Semi-Matte will do the trick.

This filament contains no fibers and prints at regular PLA temperatures and settings. The material is as reliable and easy to work with as any other PLA type material.

The difference between regular PLA and PLA Semi Matte Black can be spotted easily:


Left: PLA Economy Black / Right: PLA Semi Matte Black

PLA Semi-Matte Black is available now. Click on the image below to go directly to our webshop:

XL spools and samples are available as well.