XT-CF20 update

Ladies and gentlemen, the waiting is over!

I proudly present the first bike that I am going to build here:

3d printed bike from xt-cf20

The concept is that you have printed connection parts that can be customized via the customizer, so that you can take any kind of tubing that you have or that you want to use like carbon fiber (xt-cf20), bamboo or metal tubes.

So what do you think about this concept?

bronzeFill Marvin

Nick wrote a really informative blog on printing with bronzeFill and shared great post-processing tips.

Let’s carry out a survey!

To get in touch and get a first impression about our customers I would appreciate if you take 2 minutes to answer this short survey concerning my project.



Kind regards,


XT-CF20 project


I am Stephan Schürmann, I am inventor, designer, creative engineer, CAD-constructor and a passionately craftsman.

3D printing is what makes my ideas come to life!


During my bachelor thesis I am going to use colorFabb’s new XT-CF20 for making an extraordinary project: 3D print a bicycle frame!

Cool, right :D yes. So I want to make this as an open project. Everybody can participate and take part of the design process.

Just leave a comment and tell us your ideas! I will try to implement what’s possible and keep you up-to date with a weekly blog-post on this site.

So, I hope to have a lot of fun with you guys out there,



Let’s print metal!

My name is Ines Cebulla. I‘m 23 years old and was born in germany. I‘m an open minded person who is interested in new experiences with technology and design. Currently I‘m studying Industrial Product Design at Fontys Hoogeschool Venlo and will most likely graduate next summer with the Bachelor of Engeneering. For my Bachelor‘s Thesis I‘m working on a five months internship at Colorfabb.


Colorfabb has the possibility to print bronze-, copper- and brassfilaments and give it a professional polish finish. My assignment is to test the possiblities of these materials. We want to print busts, works of art and other products for our clients with this method. Therefore we need to know which products are printable and how it is possible to scan people and products in the best way. What are you interested in and do you already have experiences with 3D scanning? All this I want to know to elaborate a concept for a printshop which makes your scans a product. I would appreciate to get your feedback and support.