Eearlier this week we printed a head storage for the Stacker 3D printer with XT-CF20. Aside from its stiffness due to 20% of added carbon fibres, the matte finishing of the print is one of the [...]

VTOL Drone

From time to time we feature prints that have not originated from our own print lab, but were printed with our filaments. We love to see user cases like the one that follows which show the [...]

Mirror holder

Sometimes you need a practical item for in and around the house. Like when you need a holder to hold the mirror. Luckily there is 3D printing. With a custom design we printed two mirror holders [...]

Cycle Bottle Cage in XT-CF20

Stereotyping is not our thing, but we admit to one thing: the Dutch cycle a lot! Combined with all the 3D printing activity here in the low lands it is only a matter of time when cycling and 3D [...]

Dodecahedron with XT-CF20

A few weeks ago we printed a Rhombic Dodecahedron Derived Figure with nGen Light Blue. You can find the original post here. We use this model, made by Fred Bartels, a lot lately to test our [...]

Hovalin violin

The Hovalin violin entirely 3D printed with #corkFill on the Ultimaker 2 & XT-CF20 on the Stacker S4 printer. Project site: [...]