Football trophy

It is the season of gift giving and one of the more peculiar traditions in the Netherlands is to be creative with how to present the actual gift. Simple gift wrapping paper does not suffice [...]


We have all seen 3D printed Star Wars gadgets before. Ever since 3D printing took off years ago, Star Wars memorabilia have been printed by the community. Popular YouTuber and avid 3D printer [...]


Our avid online followers remember the stellar work that Korneel Bullens does on his Ultimakers. Not only has he one of the busiest 3DHubs in the Netherlands (with excellent reviews to booth), he [...]

Camera housing

Today’s featured print serves two goals. First of all, we’re always looking to use our filaments to make the best use of it. In this case we have used PLA Economy to make a prototype [...]

Helian logo

Ever since moving into the new building we have been working to decorate the interior in a uniform way. One thing (of many) is to print the names of the companies: we have already printed the [...]

3D Matter

In the past four years we have been active in the world of 3D printing, we have seen a lot of filament brands coming up. We understand only too well that it is often hard for users to choose the [...]

colorFabb logo

The writing’s on the wall, they say. As posted in the past 24 hours (here and here), we have printed the colorFabb letters and put them on the wall in our new building: Now, traditionally, [...]

PLA Economy Dark Blue

Yesterday we added a fifth color to our range of PLA Economy filaments: Dark Blue. Recently we held a poll on Twitter and we asked what color our users would prefer next. Dark Blue was the [...]

Stacker logo

As you may have gathered in the past, we are the distributor of the Stacker line of printers in Europe. With the recently launched Stacker S2 on Kickstarter we have posted quite a bit about this [...]


A pangolin is a mammal that is covered with touch, overlapping scales. These scales normally offer great defense against predators in the wild. This benign creature however is currently being [...]

3D Scanner

Combining several technologies is what we love here at colorFabb. 3D Scanning, smart phones and a little thing called 3D printing (you may have heard about it). We even combined two vastly [...]

Have you tried PLA Economy?

colorFabb’s PLA Economy: Large volume, High quality, Low price In November we launched a new product line: PLA Economy. This new grade of PLA, with an added impact modifier, has been a hit from [...]

Underwater Hockey sticks

It is the season of giving and we can only imagine the amount of 3D printed items given away. One give away that was printed recently were little commemorative underwater hockey sticks. For this [...]

Small Part Storage Crates

With so many projects going on in our print lab it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the parts that we use to finish prints. Especially big prints like the Formula 1 car we printed a few [...]

Puzzle Draudi dual print

With a wide range of filaments in our portfolio it is only natural that we are drawn towards dual extrusion. Recently we made the Ultimaker drill on the new Ultimaker 3, but we have been printing [...]

Apple watch dock

The holiday season is about the start and that means a lot of expensive gifts. You cannot print fully functional wearables yet, but you can print the dock for a, say, Apple watch. And why spend a [...]

Sir Fill

Pop quiz: What is taller than 3 spools of colorFabb PLA Economy? There is only one answer: Sir Fill printed extra large on the Delta Tower! Design: You may [...]


Last week we released PLA Economy, our new grade of PLA filament. PLA Economy is only available on 2.2kg spools, in a limited amount of colors, but very competitively priced. Perfectly suited for [...]