Drone canopy

3D printing and drones have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. The quick & easy fixes, as well as the customization that 3D printing provides, make it an ideal tool for everybody [...]


3D printing is a great tool to make show-and-tell objects in a cost-effective way. Nooteboom Trailers (website) recently approached us to print a tyre (or tire, if you are in the US or Canada) [...]

Skin tone nGen_FLEX

In September 2016 we launched nGen_FLEX during the TCT Show in Birmingham. This new semi-flexible 3D printing filament was very well received (see the initial reactions here). At the show we [...]

Meet Niels, our intern

Today we want to introduce a new member to the team, our intern Niels. Well, we’ll let him introduce himself… I am Niels van Valburg, and I am a soon to be industrial designer, [...]

Fully printed vise

Back in the day (September last year) we printed a vise with nGen on the Lulzbot Mini. Although nice it still needed screws. Now we have printed a vise that is 100% 3d-printed – no screw or [...]

Flexible pliers

Or: How to print pliers with two materials in one print. We’re having a lot of fun with our dual nozzle printers here in the brand new colorFabb HQ and today we showcase once again a great [...]

Multi-material coupler

Multiple material prints will be more common in the new year. We have several great printers that not only print two colors in one print, but also two materials. This expands the possibilities of [...]


“These shoes are made for printing, and that’s just what we do…” Or something similar. Anyhow, we ran into the fine people of MassPortal recently at the Formnext a couple [...]

Oil funnel

An oil funnel is one of those often overlooked, but necessary things you need with your car. And if you need one, print one. We needed an oil funnel for the Toyota Prius, one of our company cars, [...]

Remote control housing

To start the week we printed a housing for FGS-2xx Fibaro remote control double relay. This relay is used to control outside lighting with a webinterface. For this print we used two of our finest [...]

Water cap with nGen_FLEX

We are always looking for functional designs that we can use in real life. And when it comes to functionality we always go for one of our Amphora based co-polyester filaments. Developed with [...]

nGen_FLEX round-up after one week

A week ago we launched nGen_FLEX, our brand new semi-flexible 3D printing filament, at the TCT Show. We love printing with the new nGen_FLEX filament ourselves all day long, but what excites us [...]

TCT Show 2016 recap

Hi all, We wrapped up the TCT Show 2016. Packed our goods, stacked them on the pallets and everything is heading back to colorFabb HQ again soon. We’re about to board our plane and leave [...]