nGen on the Robo R2

Today we feature not one single print, but rather a filament on a particular printer. As the title vaguely suggests, it’s all about nGen on the Robo R2 today. When we received the Robo R2 [...]

Vase with the MOARstruder

When speed matters it is hard to beat the Lulzbot TAZ 6 in combination with the MOARstruder. 3D printing is a great tool to create on the spot, but it can sometimes be painfully slow. Aleph [...]

Back to school kit

At colorFabb we have stressed again and again and again and again that it is more fun to print the things you need than to buy them. It is September 1st and for most of the younger colorFabb [...]

Final Fantasy VII Globe

Sometimes it is just fun to print game based gadgets. A request came from one of our colleagues in logistics to print the Final Fantasy VII Globe (or comet, as he says), which he wants to paint [...]

Print+ headphone

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, the Print+ headphones have finally started shipping! At colorFabb we saw the potential of these DIY headphones immediately and backed the campaign [...]

Fidget spinner assembly tool

The craze has not died yet and we still see fidget spinners everywhere. We recently made one with woodFill and copperFill. You can read the original post here. Two weeks ago we held an open house [...]


3D printing is a great tool to make show-and-tell objects in a cost-effective way. Nooteboom Trailers (website) recently approached us to print a tyre (or tire, if you are in the US or Canada) [...]

3D Matter

In the past four years we have been active in the world of 3D printing, we have seen a lot of filament brands coming up. We understand only too well that it is often hard for users to choose the [...]

Hyper Soccer Ball

The print we feature today is the Hyper Soccer Ball, designed by Jose Almeida a.k.a. Dalpek. Design: Dalpek created this design by joining three truncated [...]

Spherical roller bearing

Late last year we discovered in our printlab a golden combination: nGen on the Leapfrog HS. Our all-round 3D printing filament performed remarkably well on the printer and today’s print is [...]

Stacker S2

In the past 4 years we have seen 3D printing emerging from a hobby market to more professional uses. A lot of our users are using 3D printing to make a living or at least support their business [...]

Fully printed vise

Back in the day (September last year) we printed a vise with nGen on the Lulzbot Mini. Although nice it still needed screws. Now we have printed a vise that is 100% 3d-printed – no screw or [...]

Educational Brake Caliper

One of the noble applications of 3D printing in general is education. Chris Halliday has, with this in mind, designed an educational brake caliper, which we used for a visual demonstration, [...]

Flexible pliers

Or: How to print pliers with two materials in one print. We’re having a lot of fun with our dual nozzle printers here in the brand new colorFabb HQ and today we showcase once again a great [...]

Drill Case

With dual nozzle printers come great possibilities. Two colors, two different materials even. And what if we had a great support material? And what if we already happen to have such a material in [...]

Spool holders

We have a lot of spools in our print lab. We print a lot on 30+ printers and need our filaments handy at a moments notice. That’s why we use the Filament Duck spool holder a lot! These ones [...]

Low Poly R2D2

This is the droid you’re looking for! We see a rapid rise of dual extrusion prints: two colors or even two materials in one single print. BCN 3D, makers of the Sigma (one of the highest [...]

Tape dispenser

If you ship as much as we do you run through a lot of tape. Strangely enough, we seem to misplace our tape dispenser a lot as well. And why not print one or two as a spare? Here’s nGen [...]

Multi-material coupler

Multiple material prints will be more common in the new year. We have several great printers that not only print two colors in one print, but also two materials. This expands the possibilities of [...]

Universal Bottle Opener

The day before Christmas we feature a print that is both functional and, more important, has a backstory. Travis Corbett, under the name In3Designs, has designed the Universal Bottle Opener. [...]

Coke bottles

Our nGen filament is a great material for visual prototyping. Recently we used nGen to print Coke bottles in various colors: Design: We printed these [...]

Death Star ornament

That’s not a moon, it’s a … Christmas ornament. Lighten up the Christmas tree with some Star Wars holiday spirit! A perfect material is our nGen filament and a touch of [...]

I Am 3D Hubs

A few weeks ago 3D Hubs invited us to attend the opening of their new office. As you know, we have been working together with 3D Hubs for quite some time now. All 3D Hubs members are entitled to [...]

Mixee wallet

Today’s featured print is the Mixee wallet by Nancy Yi Liang, which we printed in multiple colors with our ever popular nGen filament! Design: [...]

Flexbot quadcopter

A little over a week ago we posted a tweet regarding a print we were making on the Leapfrog HS with nGen orange. We are now presenting you the result, the Flexbot Quadcopter With FlexCam V2.0: [...]

Ultimaker hand drill

Recently, Ultimaker launched their latest printer: the Ultimaker 3. It is no secret that we print a lot with our Ultimaker printers: the original, the Ultimaker 2 and the 2+ are all printers we [...]

Display Stand

As a follow up of yesterday’s post, we are today showing the stand for the Raspberry Pi display case. Designed by the aptly named TheRaspberryPiGuy, we printed the display stand in a very [...]

Turbine prop

For today’s print we chose part of the GE “Build Your Own Jet Engine” project which can be found on Thingiverse. For this print we selected our bright red nGen filament and the [...]

Toyota Corolla

We don’t only print big cars (like, for instance, the F1 car), but also smaller ones, like this Toyota Corolla AE86 toy car (which measures 12cm). For this print we used nGen Black and Gray [...]

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