At colorFabb we always aim for the highest standards and getting the best for our customers. This starts with our products, continues with our customer service and extends to our choice of partners as well. All aspects of getting the filaments into your hands, from the pellet to the packaging, from the testing to the shipping are important. About shipping, we want to announce some changes we are implementing as from today. We will be working with DHL as our dedicated partner for shipping as from now.

We receive a lot of questions about shipping. First and formost we strive for the best quality to make sure the filaments you ordered will be delivered to you as soon and as good as possible. In the past two years we have worked with two partners, both DHL and UPS, to ship all our filaments worldwide. In the past six months we have found that working with one partner would increase efficiency and drastically lower costs. These cost savings can immediately be passed on to you.

We have chosen DHL as our new worldwide partner due to our mutual experience over the past years. We have found in DHL a partner with a commitment to bring the best possible service to our customers. DHL operates worldwide and has a variety of services, which are specified below. We have been able to get the best possible pricing for you, our customers. Not all options are available for all countries.

The services available are:


The premium Express option for our European customers


The premium Express option for all customers outside the EU. Also available for certain European countries as an overnight option.


The parcel option for certain Eastern European countries.


One specific option for our German customers.

With the express options (the first two in the short list above) you also have the option to change the delivery address, etc. once you have received the notification that your order has shipped. This gives you complete control of your shipment:

As said, lower pricing for us also means lower pricing for you. For example:

Austria€ 12,95€ 9,95
Denmark€ 12,95€ 9,95
Switzerland€ 22,95€ 12,95
United Kingdom€ 9,95€ 3,95
USA€ 29,95€ 26,95

Pricing based on one spool

Please note: An XL spool is seen in our system as 2 regular spools (due to the double weight).  We have managed to make more free shipping options available. Look in the table below if your country qualifies:

CountryFree shipping from
Austria5 spools
Belgium1 spool (not applicable to samples)
Bulgaria5 spools
Switzerland5 spools
Czech Republic4 spools
Germany1 spool (not applicable to samples)
Denmark4 spools
Estonia4 spools
Spain4 spools
Finland4 spools
France4 spools
United Kingdom4 spools
Greece6 spools
Croatia6 spools
Hungary4 spools
Ireland4 spools
Italy4 spools
Lithuania6 spools
Luxembourg1 spool (not applicable to samples)
Netherlands1 spool (or a minimum of 21 samples)
Poland5 spools
Portugal4 spools
Romania5 spools
Sweden4 spools
Slovenia5 spools

In the near future we will add more options:

  • Postal service worldwide
  • Pick-up at nearby access points
  • Same day delivery (for The Netherlands to begin with)

We are excited to work with DHL. Having a global partner enables us to explore more options which will benefit you. This essentially means that no shipments will be made with UPS anymore. If you have any questions, please contact us at

To start this co-operation with DHL, we have re-introduced our Sales page. Up to 8 filaments at 15% discount!

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