Laundry dryer part

Last week we posted about a real-life problem (although not a problem on a global scale). It is an annoyance that every household encounters: a part of, say, a laundry dryer breaks. And that is [...]

King’s Day

Get your 20% discount on all filaments now! Update: this discount lasts until April 30th – midnight CET. As annual traditions go, King’s Day (Koningsdag in Dutch) is one of the more [...]

Inverted bucket steam trap

Our metal filled filaments have great aesthetic characteristics. They look awesome when printed, even stunningly beautiful when post-processed, but one aspect that you cannot see – but all [...]

Micrometer holder

In our production and in our print lab we need to be accurate.  We use our micrometer quite a lot, but we are only human and have only two hands. A custom designed (by our own print team) [...]

Stacker logo

As you may have gathered in the past, we are the distributor of the Stacker line of printers in Europe. With the recently launched Stacker S2 on Kickstarter we have posted quite a bit about this [...]

Skin tone nGen_FLEX

In September 2016 we launched nGen_FLEX during the TCT Show in Birmingham. This new semi-flexible 3D printing filament was very well received (see the initial reactions here). At the show we [...]


Eearlier this week we printed a head storage for the Stacker 3D printer with XT-CF20. Aside from its stiffness due to 20% of added carbon fibres, the matte finishing of the print is one of the [...]

Update from our intern

A few weeks ago we introduced our new intern, Niels van Valburg. You can read the previous post here. Below is the progress on his project he is working on at colorFabb:   Hey there! So last [...]

Tiny Hellboy

Before the start of the weekend we printed big. Today, right after the weekend, we go small. We ususally use our colorFabb_HT for technical parts that need excellent functional performance. For [...]