Educational Brake Caliper

One of the noble applications of 3D printing in general is education. Chris Halliday has, with this in mind, designed an educational brake caliper, which we used for a visual demonstration, [...]

Flexible pliers

Or: How to print pliers with two materials in one print. We’re having a lot of fun with our dual nozzle printers here in the brand new colorFabb HQ and today we showcase once again a great [...]

Drill Case

With dual nozzle printers come great possibilities. Two colors, two different materials even. And what if we had a great support material? And what if we already happen to have such a material in [...]

Our new home

We’ve moved… again! Less than 3 years ago we moved colorFabb into a new building. Here we could evolve from a pilot project into a standalone company. Our team has grown and our [...]

Spool holders

We have a lot of spools in our print lab. We print a lot on 30+ printers and need our filaments handy at a moments notice. That’s why we use the Filament Duck spool holder a lot! These ones [...]

Low Poly R2D2

This is the droid you’re looking for! We see a rapid rise of dual extrusion prints: two colors or even two materials in one single print. BCN 3D, makers of the Sigma (one of the highest [...]

Brushless motor

For today’s featured print we are using two filaments that couldn’t be more different: steelFill and colorFabb_HT. For the part we chose makeSEA‘s 3D Printed Brush Motor v2 [...]

Tape dispenser

If you ship as much as we do you run through a lot of tape. Strangely enough, we seem to misplace our tape dispenser a lot as well. And why not print one or two as a spare? Here’s nGen [...]


At colorFabb we always aim for the highest standards and getting the best for our customers. This starts with our products, continues with our customer service and extends to our choice of [...]

Material tiles

We designed and printed these 100mm x 100mm tiles to showcase some of our special materials. The wavy tiles have been printed on a Ultimaker 2 and the polygon inspired tiles have been printed on [...]

Handlebar grip

If you’re looking for good inspiration for what your next 3D printing project should be, just take a look at Daniel Norée his Youmagine account. We found some really nice handlebar [...]

Vertical Windmill

Michael Broderick posted an inspiring project about a 3D printable vertical axis windmill. After his first design, he returned to the drawing board and improved various parts to finally develop [...]

Spring-loaded Drive Block

After printing for almost 3 years the wear on the injection molded parts of our Makerbot Replicator 2 started to effect print quality and reliability. The drive block just wasn’t able to [...]

Have you tried PLA Economy?

colorFabb’s PLA Economy: Large volume, High quality, Low price In November we launched a new product line: PLA Economy. This new grade of PLA, with an added impact modifier, has been a hit from [...]

Multi-material coupler

Multiple material prints will be more common in the new year. We have several great printers that not only print two colors in one print, but also two materials. This expands the possibilities of [...]