It is almost Halloween again and our print lab printed a pumpkin in Dutch Orange PLA/PHA to stay in the spirit. Pumpkin: Sir Fill by Ola [...]

Toyota Corolla

We don’t only print big cars (like, for instance, the F1 car), but also smaller ones, like this Toyota Corolla AE86 toy car (which measures 12cm). For this print we used nGen Black and Gray [...]

Water cap with nGen_FLEX

We are always looking for functional designs that we can use in real life. And when it comes to functionality we always go for one of our Amphora based co-polyester filaments. Developed with [...]

Dodecahedron with XT-CF20

A few weeks ago we printed a Rhombic Dodecahedron Derived Figure with nGen Light Blue. You can find the original post here. We use this model, made by Fred Bartels, a lot lately to test our [...]

Robot Action Figure

For a little while we’ve been testing The Olsson Ruby, a truly very special nozzle. With a real gemstone at the tip of the nozzle this is one of the most abrasion resistant nozzles made. As [...]

3D printed pennyboard

If a 3D printed pennyboard is strong enough for a person to stand on, why not print the trucks and wheels as well? So that’s what we did. We used the beautiful Pennyboard designed by Andrew [...]

Hex Key Holder in nGen Dark Gray

Misplacing hex-keys is a thing of the past with this handy 3D printed hex-key holder which is designed by AngelLM. We 3D printed this in nGen Dark Gray on the Ultimaker 2 at 0.15mm layerheight [...]

How to post-process co-polyesters

Of course we love our prints as they are. We put great effort to choose the best materials and the finest materials. With our “How To…” posts we want everybody to be able to [...]

How to print with colorFabb nGen_FLEX

How to print with colorFabb nGen_FLEX To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match the slicer settings with the material which is used. On this page [...]

colorFabb gift box

Recently at the TCT Show we finally caught up with Tony Short. Tony has been using colorFabb’s special filaments with great effect and we have been following his impressive work for quite a [...]

Dodecahedron with colorFabb nGen

Today’s print, straight from our own print lab, is the Rhombic Dodecahedron Derived Figure by Fred Bartels, which we printed entirely with our all-round nGen filament. Design by Fred [...]

Rubber band powered boat

We printed a rubber band powered boat with nGen Orange and Light Blue on the Leapfrog HS. Design can be found here: nGen is a great material to print toys [...]

Darwin bust

Charles Darwin is of course the 19th century naturalist who popularized the concept of evolution. He wrote both On The Origin of Species and The Voyage of the Beagle, both classics, laying the [...]

nGen_FLEX round-up after one week

A week ago we launched nGen_FLEX, our brand new semi-flexible 3D printing filament, at the TCT Show. We love printing with the new nGen_FLEX filament ourselves all day long, but what excites us [...]

Rope tensioner

We use 3D printing for everyday use. Recently we needed a rope tensioner and printed this with colorFabb_HT Clear. For strong and sturdy prints, we use our colorFabb_HT for the best results. This [...]