Venus de Milo – Part 1

A while back we started with printing Venus de Milo. It’s available on Thingiverse thanks to the amazing work by Cosmo Wenman, you can get the files here and read some more about his project.

woodFill Treasure Chest

A 3d printed Treasure Chest by Athey. Printed in ColorFabb’s woodFill filament. Design by Athey Get the 3d files here [mwi_product sku=”WOODFILL FINE”/]

OpenRC printed with XT filament – Part 1

Hello folks! My name is Glen Thijssen and I’m the new industrial engineering graduate intern @Colorfabb. My main focus in the coming six months will be on research related to the optimization of [...]

Barnacules 3dprinting Darth Vader

Take a look at Jerry Berg a.k.a. Barnacules have a go at 3d printing the Darth Vader Lego like action figurine. Powered by colorFabb standard black using the fabulous Ultimaker 2, this seems like [...]

Darth Vader

A 3d printed Darth Vader by Matthew in ColorFabb’s Standard Black. Design by Matthew Get the files here. [mwi_product sku=”STANDARD BLACK”/]  

BaliBoy – part 2

Scanning BaliBoy was good fun and easy enough. Just make sure to take time setting up your scanning equipment and make sure there’s enough room to walk around the object while scanning. [...]

BaliBoy – part 1

Generating 3d models is quite time consuming and requires in some cases expert knowledge of specific 3d modeling software. It’s definitely fun to learn about the various types of 3d [...]

RapidPro 2014

Last week colorFabb was present at the RapidPro 2014 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We had a great time talking to lots of 3d print enthusiast. Even though woodFill is around for a while now we [...]